ShareLock - The Revolution of Bicylcing

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Minimum Investment 100€

Thank you for supporting ShareLock. We really appreciate it!

You will receive a virtual Hi-5 and you will receive exclusive up to date announcements on all aspects of the development of ShareLock.

Expected Delivery: August 2018.

Delivery: Worldwide

Minimum Investment 750€

Thank you for supporting ShareLock. We really appreciate it.

You will receive a life time discount of 15% on all services.

Expected delivery: October 2018.

Delivery: Worldwide

Minimum Investment 1500€

Early bird special offer: The first 500 investors investing €1,500 or more will receive the ShareLock, the smart cable and the key transponder. You will also receive a discount of 25% on all ShareLock Services for the first three years.


Expected delivery: January 2019

Delivery: Worldwide

Minimum Investment 10000€

For our biggest investors we offer 3 ShareLock Locks, 3 smart cables and 3 key transponders. This is in addition to a 100% discount on all in-house ShareLock services for life!


Expected delivery: January 2019

Delivery: Worldwide

Our vision

ShareLock - The Revolution of Bicycling

The ShareLock platform provides a simple interface, designed for sharing and serves as a bridge between traditional bike sharing and the general bicycle industry.

The extensive services offered by ShareLock will provide various key components of the bicycle industry and serve the Peer2Peer Bike-Sharing marketplace.

By building a simple and user-oriented platform we will enable our customers to generate revenue by renting their own bicycles out whilst not being used. Our robust lock also enables commercial customers the option to rent or loan for test rides their stock with full GPS tracking capability and the ability lock the bike at any time via the app.

Our vision of providing an all-in-one option encourages the growth of cycling, personal health, helps to relieve cities of traffic congestion and of course all whilst helping the environment. It also offers our customers new possibilities for revenue generation.


With ShareLock we offer the unique opportunity to rent your bike directly to the renter.


Both renters and those wishing to hire their bicycles can connect using the ShareLock App


We also have our own stock of bicycles to rent, standard bikes, E-bikes and even transporter bikes!


The smart BikeLock

ShareLock is the smartest bike lock ever designed to revolutionize cycling.  Built for maximum security and designed to ensure your bike can be used to its maximum efficiency!

Your personal ShareLock will always protect you from theft and offer increased security but it will also make sure your wallet is filled up. What your ShareLock offers you is a world first to become a private bike sharer, whilst you are at work or sitting in a lecture or any time you are not using your bike, it does not have to wait around, it can generate revenue for you!


Product Function

Product Design

What’s on the inside counts too!

The ShareLock has a host of in build sensors and additional security features.

Show me what´s inside


Attack Sensor Safety Mesaure
Bike is stolen Geolokator GPS location is located
Bolt cutters Smart cable Extrudes alarms when it rips and sends a message to you
Saw, hammer, drill, angle grinder Vibration meter Extrudes alarm signals when it senses vibrations and sends a message to you
Flamethrower, ICE spray Thermometer Extrudes alarm signals when the temperature changes significantly and sends a message to the owner.


Token Structure

Token Distribution

ShareLock Tokens are to be distributed as follows. 75%, or 375,000,000 are available for sale broken down into 5% pre-sale and 95% main sale. ShareLock reserses 25%, or 120,000,000 SHX to be broken down into 20% available to the team, 30% intended for consultation, legal and marketing, 40% for our supporters who support the sale by use of their referral links or participating in the bounty campaign with 10% held as a reserve.

  • Main-Sale 71%
  • Team 5%
  • Adv. / Leg. / Mar. 8%
  • Referal 10%
  • Reserve 3%
  • Pre-Sale 4%


We estimate that our budget is to be broken down as follows. 40% of the revenue generated will go towards the continued development of our lock and platform, 25% is to be used for marketing,  10% will be put in to the development of our own bicycles, 10% in to possible acquisitions with another 15% available for management and current and future employees.

  • Development 40%
  • Own production 10%
  • Marketing 25%
  • Acquisitions 10%
  • Team 15%

Why cryptocurrencies?



This gives us the opportunity to bring our product to market sooner by receiving additional investment.

Power of the masses!

Everyone has the opportunity to participate in our project and thus be a part of ShareLock!



The blockchain provides security, direct payment transactions and transparency.

Why ShareLock tokens?

Access to the platform:

Our ShareLock token gives you access to thousands of bikes in the global marketplace.


The emerging community will help us to grow our products and services. We will have direct contact with the community and provide support and assistance in the operation of the ShareLock and how to increase revenues.


We give something back to our community! With the purchase of ShareLock tokens you save money on service fees and receive significant discounts on our products.



Participants in the Pre-Sale will receive 50 hours of free cycling per month and a lifelong discount on all services of 20%

Pre-Sale starts

01.07.2018 , 2:00:00 PM UTC


past! present! future!

Initial concept After the bicycle of our CEO was stolen, we wanted to develop a wheel lock for the market which delivered more than your average lock. With integrated GPS, enhanced security features and increased efficiency the ShareLock does this and more.
November 2017
Building the team With management in place we needed to expand. The onboarding of our development team for both the app and the ShareLock allowed us to live our motto “For a perfect product we need the perfect team”.
December 2017
Prototype With initial concept designs in place, we moved forward with developing our first prototype.
January 2018
Legal Preparation We have put in place contracts with lawyers and external Blockchain experts in order to ensure that our ICO meets with all regulatory requirements and strictly adheres to the law to ensure the best possible outcomes and the highest possible protection for your investment.
March 2018
TokenSale With the support of the community, we are optimistic about our planned market entry and the launch of the ShareLock
Recruitment + expansion of infrastructure After our TokenSale, we expand our team and expand the infrastructure of our company.
July 2018
Plattform Launch We are planning an initial small scale platform launch of the ShareLock in our local market in Q4 2018 to ensure thorough testing takes place on the ShareLock its self in addition to the app and to our own bicycles.
Q4 2018
Retail operations begin In Q1 2019 we plan to being selling the ShareLock on the retail market and beginning our marketing push to spread the word.
Production and expansion With further plans to develop our own bicycles and wheels we will need to ensure expansion of our facilities to meet production targets and demand.
Q1 2019
Bonus structure

Overview of our bonus allocation:


Price 0,038€


1st of August

Price 0,043€


8th of August

Price 0,045€


15th of August

Price 0,048€


22th of August

Price 0,05€


Pre + Main Sale

added Bonus


Hardcap: 18.750.000 ShareLock-Token!
Hardcap: 356.250.000 ShareLock-Token

Any purchase above an equivalent of € 5,000 will be subject to an added bonus of 10% on all purchases after the completion of the KYC and the ICO. Unsold tokens are incinerated.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is ShareLock?

ShareLock is a revolutionary bicycle lock designed to provide the highest levels of security whilst implementing GPS technology. In tandem with our app, users will be able to rent their bicycles for reward and aid in reduced congestion in busy cities and helping to reduce emissions to allow for a cleaner city for everyone.

Is the Share-Lock team big enough for this project?

With seven employees onboarded in this early phase we feel we have the right team in place to bring ShareLock to the conclusion of its start up phase. To meet our production, sales and marketing estimates we will be looking to increase staff to approximately 25 by the end of 2018.

Where did the idea come from?

After our CEO, Santos’ bicycle was stolen for the fourth time we felt a solution was possible to increase the security of bicycle locks generally. Additionally we considered that the use of bicycles is often very limited and they may only be used for a fraction of the day. By increasing their availability we can not only provide a profit for our customers, a convenient method of transport for our end users but also reduce emissions.

What stage of development is ShareLock at?

The lock is currently in the prototype phase. After many hours of research we have identified numerous opportunities where locks of this nature can be improved and we are currently continuing development to bring a highly improved wheel lock with additional capabilities to market.

What happens if the bike is stolen or damaged during rental?

As GPS tracking is included in the ShareLock this greatly reduces the possibility of theft. Bicycles will be easily locatable at all times. We are currently engaged with various insurance companies to offer the best possible outcome in the event of damage.

How high are the costs for the ShareLock lock?

We do not currently have an RRP in place due to the ongoing development of the product. Initial projections indicate that it will be in line with other high-end bicycle locks that do not also have the ability to generate revenue for the owner. We believe the question is not how much is the ShareLock but how much can I make with the ShareLock.

Is this ICO legal?

The ICO falls in line with the highest levels of regulatory and legal requirements.

How long does the ICO take place?

The pre-sale starts on 01.07.2018 and ends on 01.08.2018.

The main sale starts on 01.08.2018 and ends on 31.08.2018.

How can I participate in the ICO?

That’s very straightforward. Register with a valid account and you can start!

Which bonuses are available?

ShareLock offers 30% more ShareLock tokens during pre-sale. But beware and be fast: there is a pre-sale hardcap of just 112,500,000 ShareLock tokens!

During the Main Sale the following bonus packages take place:

Week from 01.08.2018 – 08.08.2018 = 15%

Week from 08.08.2018 – 15.08.2018 = 10%

Week from 15.08.2018 – 22.08.2018 = 05%

Week from 22.08.2018 – 31.08.2018 = 00%

Investors with at least € 5,000 in deposits receive an extra 10% bonus in share-lock tokens at the end of the ICO.

Which currencies are accepted?

You can pay using Ethereum / Bitcoin / SEPA transfer.

Can I send the payments from an Exchange?om an Exchange?

Yes, this is possible because the tokens are displayed in the dashboard and will not be sent to the wallet you specify after the ICO.

What is the minimum investment?

100 €

When do I get my ShareLock tokens?

The tokens are available after our main sale!

Will more ShareLock tokens be generated in the future?


Is there a softcap?

There is none. This is because the necessary financial resources for the start of the project already exist.

What is the Ambassador Program?

By sharing your personal referral link, you will receive 5% of the total of any investment in ShareLock tokens. The person using your referral link will also receive an additional 2.5% ShareLock tokens following the ICO.


Calculation example:


Person A recruits person B. Person B acquires 100,000 share-lock tokens throughout the ICO. Person A receives 5,000 share-lock tokens and Person B receives an additional 2500 tokens.

Contact us via Email to: [email protected] or ask a question in our Telegram Channel



  • Santo Freese

    CEO & Founder

    "I wanted to change the world at an early age" With...

    Santo Freese
    CEO & Founder

    "I wanted to change the world at an early age" With ShareLock we are working to tackle inefficiencies in the public bicycle share arena and enable individuals to benefit from new opportunities for extra...

  • Uwe Freese

    Consultant & co-founder

    With an extensive history in business management I...

    Uwe Freese
    Consultant & co-founder

    With an extensive history in business management I see the opportunity presented by ShareLock. I am extremely confident in the success of the product and as such am delighted to be on board to offer my...

  • Martina Weber

    Sales Management & Corporate Responsibility

    I am responsible for the sales management of ShareLock...

    Martina Weber
    Sales Management & Corporate Responsibility

    I am responsible for the sales management of ShareLock in addition to maintaining relationships with our existing contacts and building new relationships. I also work to ensure ShareLock is a great place...

  • Julia Steiner

    Marketing Department

    I'm responsible for the marketing. I take care of all...

    Julia Steiner
    Marketing Department

    I'm responsible for the marketing. I take care of all relevant marketing decisions.

  • Plattformentwickler

    Platform Developer

    We currently have a team of 2 full time staff dedicated...

    Platform Developer

    We currently have a team of 2 full time staff dedicated to developing the app for ShareLock.

  • Produktentwicklung

    Product Development

    We currently have three staff members completely dedicated...

    Product Development

    We currently have three staff members completely dedicated to the development of the product.

preparing for success by seeking the best external advice


  • Aleksay Tyumentsev

    ICO consultant, blockchainer Aleksay supports...

    Aleksay Tyumentsev

    ICO consultant, blockchainer Aleksay supports us in all areas around Blockchain.

  • Kilian Springer

    Killian Springer is engaged by ShareLock to ensure...

    Kilian Springer

    Killian Springer is engaged by ShareLock to ensure that our ICO is engage in a fully legal manner and...